Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fresh Throwdown

This weekend my husband and I attended the Rhode Island Ice Cream Throwdown presented by RI Food Fights.

The Throwdown Featured 11 ice cream competitors and about 700 eaters/judges for people's choice. We had a lot of fun sampling all of the interesting flavors (although some were the traditional flavors).

Our favorite was from Newport Creamery, Graham Central Station. We also liked Bliss's version of this ice cream. Our third favorite was from Teas and Javas (an Alex and Ani creamery), Peanut Butter Oreo.

I didn't bake anything today, as I was on a sugar high from all of the ice cream! I did however get to use some basil from our growing garden (the squash has started to take over). I chopped up some tomatoes from my mother-in-laws garden, fresh mozzarella, and some basil leaves. I served them on a platter with some oregano and basil balsamic vinegar on the side. The freshness of Summer.....

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