Sunday, May 6, 2012


I spent the majority of this week celebrating my birthday. My husband made me dinner on my actual birthday(Tuesday). My sister-in-law Samantha made me a cake on Friday and we had grilled pizzas at my in-laws.

 (Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Covered Strawberries)

My mother made me homemade pot stickers, egg rolls, and my great-grandmother's bread on Saturday.

 (My great-grandmother's bread)

My Grandmother made me an apple pie on Saturday.

 (Grandma's Apple Pie)

Then on Sunday we went to brunch at Nick's on Broadway in Providence and got a piece of my favorite cake from Pastiche.

(We ate at the bar at Nick's- awesome view right into the kitchen! Would definitely recommend it! Oh, and that's the chef's elbow and my mimosa.)

Okay, so I guess I spent the majority of the week eating! Great week!

(My meal at Nick's on Broadway - Local Spring Vegetables, Poached Eggs, and Grilled Toast.)

Also, this is my one hundredth post! Hard to believe that I've been blogging for that long. That's a lot of desserts!

(Display case at Pastiche - my favorite cake is the one with the bees!)

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