Sunday, May 29, 2011

Birthday BBQ

We celebrated my mother's 50th birthday this weekend.The theme was a backyard BBQ on their new deck ( my father redid the deck himself, it looks great). I was in charge of potato salad and the cake. For the potato salad I made Rachel Ray's Honey Dijon Potato Salad minus the capers and watercress.

I decided to make a small main cake and have cupcakes for everyone else. I ended up making 72 cupcakes. 24 strawberry/vanilla with chocolate frosting, 24 chocolate/strawberry with vanilla frosting, and 24 chocolate/vanilla with strawberry frosting.

Then for the cake I decided to do a version of "ants at a picnic." It was a three layer (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla) cake with raspberry filling and light green frosting. I used green sprinkles for grass, black jelly beans for the ants, and candy fruit slices. I also used a Wilton Sugar Sheet for the letters, I was very happy with the quality of these and I would highly recommend them.

Everyone had a great time and the weather was great!

My nephew enjoyed watching guests play cornhole and wiffle ball. He was also very happy that his uncle was there to do the grilling!

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