Sunday, June 24, 2012

Breakfast Winner

It's been a fun start to summer! My husband and I attempted to get Bailey to swim in the swimming pool today. She swam once she was in, but she hasn't quite gotten the idea of jumping into the pool yet. She'll figure it out. We know she likes swimming (see the video on the Ms Bailey page).
The other day, my husband received a very large box in the mail. He opened it to see this:

We both assumed someone had sent us a gift, although there was no reason (no birthdays, no anniversary, no national coffee lovers day). We opened the package to see this:

Inside was a french press, 3 varieties of Starbucks coffee, a coffee scoop, and a tasting notebook. It turns out, my husband entered a contest through Starbucks (grand prize was a trip for four to Seattle) and he won first prize (this "Find the Roast You Love Most" package)! I personally like the medium roast better than the new blonde roast.

Today's recipes are for breakfast. They are more ideas then full out recipes.
The first is a Baked Egg Boat (based on this Baked Egg Boat). I used sesame braided rolls, eggs, ham, tomatoes, cheddar cheese,  and onions.

The second is a Breakfast Calzone. (based on this Italian Sausage Bread). I used Basil dough, eggs, cheddar cheese, sausage, red peppers, and green onions.

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