Sunday, January 15, 2012


We were at church yesterday and the priest was talking about how we choose our friends. He talked about who our true friends are, the people you could go 2-3 years without seeing and still pick up the conversation where you left off. Or the people who would drop everything to come help you. Or the people that would give you a place to sleep when you show up at their door with your pillow. It made me really think about who my friends are, who could I call?
 He talked about how parents should not be their children's friends. Too often parents lose sight of the fact that they should be the voice of reason, not the friend their teenager chats with on facebook and at the mall.
My favorite part of his homily was when he said that your best friend should be your spouse, if you have one. From behind my husband and I, a little old man told his wife, " You're my best friend..." "What?" replied his wife very loudly. " You're my best friend!" he replied, equally as loudly. I couldn't help but smile. They must have been married for quite some time and I loved that he wanted her to know she was still his best friend!

Mini Cupcake Toppers

What you'll need:
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (small)
Favorite Frosting

Unwrap reese's cups from foil, but not paper.

Decorate with frosting (I used a star tip) and sprinkles.

Place on top of cupcake or eat as a mini dessert!

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